All you need to know about ,Notes of 200 Launched:


200 notes should be Launched and these 200 notes at very fast comes in the market also .

These 200 notes is in bright Yellow in coloured , in these 200 notes their a “missing link “., In all the banking system these notes of 200 is entered on today and you can seen this 200 notes in the market very soon.

When Narendra Modi will became Prime Minister of our India , after few months he annouced that his Government is demonetisation the 500 and 100 rupees and later then the government central bank of india announced to launching 2000 rupees notes and then 500 new notes to became india the cash- less economy.

And now, on 25 august 2017 in india the reserve bank of india issued the new 200 rupees banknotes.

RBI also introduced that he will launched 50 rupees notes with new look very soon. The currency Denominator of india is rupees “1,2,5,10,20,50,100,500,2000” and also the new notes of 200 which have ‘missing link’.