10 Most Dangerous Hackers of all time

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10 Most Dangerous Hackers of all time

From the invention of computer to our world, our world has changed a lot and the way to work is done today by the computer itself. Any such work will be done without the computer and the war in the world is not on the force of weapon but on the power of technology.

Even in such a technique, if you put a spider on it and ruined everything, then yes the hacker can do it. The world is stunned by seeing the exploits of today; I am going to tell you about those hackers.

1. jonathan james

He is not in the world today, but at the age of 15, his exploits gave him the title of the biggest hacker. At this juncture, he had secured the power to overturn the US government. Jonath had almost all the databases of the American government reaching the database. Even the Department of Defense and NASA's network were not beyond its reach, James had taken out all the information about the operations of the inter-city station from NASA's network. Whose value was worth 1700000 dollars, the NASA had to keep its network closed for a full 3 weeks, but in 2007, the jonathan caught hold of the police. James rejected all charges and committed suicide in 2008

2.   kevin mitnick

The story of Kevin Mitnick’s computer hacker is very interesting; Kevin has been described as the most-wanted cybercriminal of America's history. Two Hollywood movies have also been made on Kevin's life, after 3 years of jail, he was released in 3 years of surveillance But for 2.5 years, he was sent to jail again. Because he stole corporate secrets along with stopping the US National Security Alert Program.

3. albert gonzalez

Albert Gonzalez had details of the credit card details of half of the US population by selling 17,00,00,000 card details, Albert Gonzalez earned millions . It made a lot of money by selling fake passport fake health insurers and fake birth certificates.  After getting caught, it was narrated two Punishment of 20 years of 20 years which were going on well.

4. kevin poulsen

He hacked a system of a radio station and won a show during this time he took his hand on over all the phone lines for 15 minutes. In view of winning the show, after becoming the owner of a Porsche car, FBI looked at him. He later attacked FBI only and hacked the whole system of FBI Not only Kevin Paulson hacked a whole system of Super Market. For this, after he was punished for 51 months, Kevin Paulson caught the path of journalism and currently is the senior editor of Wired News Kevin Paulson later helped the American police and played a key role in catching 744 active people on social networking website MySpace.

5. Gary McKinnon

gerry mccann became known in the world of Internet as Sillo. It has the status of hacking systems of the largest military operation in the world He took full control of the US Army and NASA 97 computers for 13 months. He later said that he was only looking for ways to control the UFO and solar energy but according to US officials, he made his control on 300 computers and deleted countless extremely sensitive files. This damaged US $ 700,000,000 Gary McKinnon has been fighting for US prosecution for 15 years.

6. jeanson James Ancheta

jeanson James Ancheta was considered a Guru of Hackers. jeanson created such a virus in 2004 that whenever people went to any computer their people reached these details hacks with the help of this virus, the commodities reached the reach of 500,000 computers and reached them to other hackers. 10th Fail jeanson Hacked Many Websites from The Computer That Costs and Money from Their Owners. In order to catch jeanson, FBI has sting operation in 2005, with 5 years of punishment, and also seized his BMW car from jeanson.

7. George Hertz

Putting George in the category of bad hackers will be the wrong thing. George never hacked to harm anyone or steal a credit card George only searched for technical shortcomings and forced the companies to improve it. On the other hand, a company like Apple, George broke all the models of the iPhone and printed it on his blog. Apple has dragged George into the court but case has been solved outside the court.


8. Adrian Lambo

Adrian Lambo is called Homeless Hacker in a teenage age, Adrian Lambo has banned the company's system like New York, Times and Microsoft. Adrian Lembo, who lived in poverty, used to work from a public Internet connection. And sitting in a coffee shop, flaunts the security arrangements of big companies and he used to keep on alerting him, no company gave him any help other than applauding him so he was considered guilty The U.S. government imposed a fine of $ 65,000 with the fine of 6 months and also kept him in the provision Period for 2 years.

9. Robert Tappan Morris

Robert Tuppan Morris was Chief Scientist of the U.S. National Security Robert Morris’s son he first discovered for computer virus and was the first person to get punishment in computer fraud case. During his studies at Cornell University, Morris discovered the Morris virus and loaded it in the computer world, enough to hurt the company. Robert Tappan Morris was given a 3-year punishment now Robert Tappan Morris as a professor teaching at the mostachos states institue of technologies.

10. Owen Walker

Owen Woker is known by the name of Akil in the world of computer hacking, he had created an international group of hackers That too before her 18th birthday. Owen Walker made a boat virus and caught up to 1300000 computers and damaged 26 million dollars before the 18th birthday. Computer was crashing itself with a boat virus, due to this virus the computer system of pencil viniya vishwavidyalaya was devastated Due to which the FBI had to run the operations in collaboration with the new zealand, then Owen Walker was arrested. In April 2008, he was released without a criminal court; the court said that Owen Walker did not take any advantage by keeping crime in mind.

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