Bullet train in India: PM Modi and Shinzo launch Mumbai – Ahmedabad high speed September.


According to the media report , ‘prime minister of india Narendra Modi ‘ and ‘prime minister of Japan Shinzo Abe’ , had decide launching project’s of the high speed ‘Bullet train’ on ‘September’ in Gandhinagar (Gujrat ) of Mumbai – Ahmedabad bullet train.

It is a dream project of ‘Narendra Modi’ to have a ” High speed bullet train in India “,& this dream of Narendra Modi will be overcome very soon.

From Ahmedabad to Mumbai this High speed bullet train , is the cheapest Bullet train in India.

According to one of the report it is observed that the team of Japan formed the ‘ fair box riview model ‘,in which actual passenger cost of the track of other trains half of double is greator then other’s train.

So to travel in the bullet train is become costly but it provide you comfort and the most important it provides to go from one place to another in a very short period of time.

So According to this Model the Mumbai Ahmedabad bullet train the rent of this train is 2800 Rs. Rather then this , in the same track other trains A.C first rate is 1895 . So bullet is Faster but the rent is so costly as compared to the other trains in the same tracks.

A/c to the team of Japan ,this coridor or the whole projects will fully  be completed in 2023 ,and regularly 40 thousans workers will be work daily to complete this bullet train projects in India, according to the fair box in 2023 this high speed bullet train cost will be depend on others ac first .


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