Ferrari GTC4 lusso, the most family – oriented Ferrari and its launching in india Soon


The four Seater GTC4 is Ferrari  ”Grown up”  Supercar for the disceming mature audiance and it will be Launched in India on ” August 2 “.

This ‘ GTC4 Lusso’  is the most Luxury Car in all over World with  soo many effective feature like – “four steering seater” and “V12 engine” , & has large “Touch-Screen”, …. etc,

◆ The ‘Ferrari GTC4 lusso’ replaces the  { FF } and is a much nicer looking car.

◆GTC4 stand for grand tourismo couple while the 4 indicates 4 – wheel drive .

◆A nearly practical Ferrari , the GTC4 Lusso can seat four in luxury .

It is Raining supercar in india !, The new supercar will prised between the Rs. { 4.5 – 5.0 } crore and will only be available in the fully loaded V12.

! ” Good news for Ferrari Lover in india ” ! ,The GTC4 gets a front mounted 6.2  litre , V12 engine , which powered the FF as well , the company has increased the power of ” GTC4 LUSSO 681hp ” of power and ” 697 NM of torque ” , the engine is mated the 7 – speed clutch transmission with an all will drive System.

Also, this ‘Ferrai GTC4 Lusso’ gets the 4RM-S { ” four wheel steering “} that has been borrowed from the ‘F12tdf’ .

The luxury car accelerates from 0-100 kmph in 3.4 second and has a company claimed a top speed of 345kmph , The GTC4 include a { 10. 25 }- inch touch screen in the centre console with improved connectivity options .

Overall lenght of this Car is now rated at ‘4,922 mm’ , while width is upto ‘1,980 mm’ , it sport ’16 mm’ increase in leg room for the rear passengers as compared to the { FF }. The car has full tank capacity of 91 litres and a kerb weight of ‘1,920 kg’. This car have very revelent and awesone feature that makes its different from other car’s , which is known as GTC4 LUSSO T but the company has not met any official comment yet ! .