Game of Thrones Season 7 you may know


Everyone’s favorite Game of Thrones Season 7 is premiered now and with a lot of deaths in the premiere episode it is cleared that a lots of death are coming. Episode 1 of Game of Thrones had lots of plot twists and turns and some shocking scenes to keep even the most casual viewer coming back for more. because winter is here. But after you watch, even more from the story came to light. Here’s a look at all the references with spoilers:-

  1. After some close reading you can see that the book Sam is reading about dragon-glass, on the opposite page there is something. Though the complete text is cut off, if you see closely, you can see the words “cure” “illnesses” and “ingestion”. So maybe hopefully it will turn out as a cure for Jorah. So dragon-glass can either heal or at least stop the spread of grey-scale. Again any of that doesn’t work out hen also Sam got a huge pile of dragon glass which is necessary to defeat white walkers.
  2. : Cersei would certainly love to have her despised little brother murdered and delivered to her doorstep. Though Euron did extoll the virtues of killing one’s brother oneself, so maybe he would bring her a living Tyrion so she could do the honors.
  3. It may be possible that while denereays is attacking the kings landing, White walkers attack the wall and for re-enforcement or by tyrion’s advice she may have to move towards north and maybe looses her dragon as the white walkers may have dragons bcs they are gathering their troops for long ago when there were a lots of dragons alive.
  4. After the fight with White walkers as cersei gathered some allies and denereays looses her army to White walkers,  then the fight will be great to watch because right now it’s too easy for mother of dragons to defeat Kings landing.