” Hypeeloop hotel’s ” that allow people to travels in luxury rooms


“Hypeeloop hotel’s” , it would be present in 13 biggest cities in US , that 13 cities includes Washington DC , New York city ,Los Angeles , Las Vegas ,chicago , San Francisco , Boston , Seattle , Denver , Portland , Santa Fie , Austin and Neshville .

By his calculation , each hotel would cost around $ 10 million to construc, with the entire unit coasting $ 130 million.

The room’s should be re – fitted as shipping container design for luxury and would contain an office , a living room’s , a bedroom , a bathroom !

Siebercht was one of the two finalist , and worn the awards . while their was no concrete plain to build the hotel network , the modular hotel wouls allow guest to travels between the difference cities within the hotel network without the ever living the room’s.

So this technology is the best , everything should be available in this luxury room’s & are including hotel’s network and has a refitted shipping container designs.