Kareena Kapoor Khan : I’ve started waking up very early so that I can be with taimur !


At The first time “Kareena Kapoor Khan” spoke about her son “Taimur Ali Khan” and husband ” Saif Ali Khan ” .

Taimur is the most cutest baby in the Bollywood child, that had ever seen , Kareena reveled that Saif is cooking a lot frequently these days . Kareena said that she going to bed early , something she wasn’t able to do before giving birth to Taimur.

Kareena fan’s from Egypt asked her one question that after giving birth to Taimur Changer her , Kareena said , ” of cause she said earlier it was just about me and Saif but here one more member is include in our life that is my cutest baby ‘Taimur’ and we both ,saif and me our lifestyle should be change . My husband is very good father and also a lovely husband and Saif also make frequently a good food for me, he plays role of chef, one movie of Saif will be coming soon in which Saif is playing the role of ‘ CHEF ‘.

Earlier we only care about ourself but it’s all about three of us , when the person asked Kareena what does she it for pre and post working out session , Kareena replied I m very good type of Persson so I can’t control by myself to having diet n all.., I always have a good big breakfast before working out in the morning.

I need my breakfast quite early , otherwise, my brain wan’t function.,I have lunch Post Workout. Before giving birth to Taimur I eat alot of food , and my overall life was changed when Taimur will come in my life ,I Love my baby so much -‘Taimur Ali khan’ .

I wakeup early in the morning and rather then my work ,I almost mostly give the time to my son my baby ‘Taimur’.