Mubarankan movie review: Anil Kapoor outshines Arjun Kapoor in this Partly Funny Film


Anil kapoor gives awesome mindblowing performance in ‘ Anees Bazmee’s film Mubarakan ‘ .Anil powerpack performance will become heavy across all the actrors in this film.

Arjun played Double roll in mubarakan , and both the charactor is good and impress the auidance .This is fully packed Comedy movie and will get Freash your mood so you definitely go to Threator and see this movie Mubarakan .

The Rating of this film is ‘3’ and the total time in which this film made is 2 hours and 28 minutes ,the start cast of this film is Anil Kapoor , Arjun Kapoor , Eliana , atiya .the film directed by ‘ Anis bajmi’ and produced by ‘Murad Khetani’ & ‘ashwin varde ‘. Music by ‘Amal malik’ , ‘rishi rich’,’aman mohile’.

Story- film should be started by 1990 in which ‘ kartar singh ‘ has take care of his two twins nephews bcos this two twins chils parents died after the birth of his.So the one should be grown up in punjab and one should be in London, both are looking wise same but their thinking is so different.


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