Ranbir kapoor : Biopic on Sanjay Dutt not a propaganda to portary him as God


‘Ranbir kapoor” said the upcoming biopic on ” sanjay dutt ” deals with both highs and lows of the actor ‘s life .

He hasn’t been a hypocrite about it (his life ) .’So it’s not a propaganda film trying  to portary him as God or something’.

‘RANBIR’ who playd dutt in movies, says doing the Biopic was daunting initially.

Getting the look right is very Superficial, it as easy as you have from ” Make-up ” and ” computer graphics ” .

He is such a Relevant person as today,h e is so much loved even today but he has lots of ‘Controversial Life’. From getting the Skin of character to getting the body Language right the “Jagga jasoos” star had to put in a lot of hard work to get every aspects of Dutt correct.

He added , “we are trying to show a very human side of ‘ SANJAY DUTT ‘ – his ” perills “,” his Downfalls “, “his Will to Fight “,” his Time in Jail ” , ” Terrorism Charges “,”his Drug Phase “,…, How he handled his Mother’s death two days before the release of his debut film, in his relationship with his father…”

The film ,which also stars” Anushka Sharma” , “Sonam Kapoor “, “Dia Mirza’ , “Paresh Rawal “, and “Manisha Koirala “in the key roles , is set to hit the screen on ” March 30, 2018 ”

The features of the film are ‘Manisha Koirala” as’ late Nargis dutt ‘, “paresh rawal “as ‘sunil dutt ‘, & “Dia Mirza ‘as Dutt’s present wife’ Manyata’.

Their was the rumours that ” khalnayak” track will be re- created in the biopic but Ranbir say’s not true..