The Flash Season 4 Trailer


The Flash Season 3 ended really sad for fans after the death of Harrison Wells and Barry, The Flash sacrificed himself to the Speed Force prison. But in the trailer for Season 4, which premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, they are gave another reason to get their team leader back.The main villain will be DeVoe, who was mentioned in the previous season by Abra Kadabra and Savitar.

Unlike every season of Flash the main villain in this season isn’t a speedster. Until they don’t bring Grant Gustin from the speed force kid flash will wear the flash’s suit for the sack of the central city public, along with Joe and Cisco and Iris as new team leader he will fight with evil meta-humans. After some episodes in season 4 they also bring killer frost to the squad.

It will be great if we will see H.R. back on the show. Perhaps more than any other DC show, The Flash has thrived because of the comic embracing multiverse, and no single character on the hit series has become more immersed in wide-reaching sci-fi concept than Harrison Wells.