“Toilet ek prem katha” ,In first weekend it get Buisness of ” 51 crore “.


The film “toilet ek prem katha” was released on last Friday , this akshay kumar film getting lots of good response .Our prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi ji also support this film , because its based on toilet.

When this film is release on friday at the Opening it get buisness of 13.10 crore ,and on Saturday crore the buisness become 17.10 crore , & on the holiday day on Sunday it get 21.25 crore.

Day by day the buisness of the film ” toilet ek prem katha” became larger. These is a very motivational film ,These film shows how much Toilet is important not for girls or lady but also for each one off.and if the buisness of these film will be like this day by day so surely it will come on 100 crore club. These film getting lots of popularity after releasing.