” Vinci Smart Headphone ” may be the future


‘VINCI’ has created the World’s First !! ‘ SMART HEADPHONES ‘ !! to make listening to Music easier then ever have . ‘Vinci Headphones’ are a “Standalone Device” that store Music .

TECHNOLOGY  may not be able to put a Chip into your ‘ Brain ‘ (jusy yet, anyway) but it can wrap Headphone’s around your Skull , figure out your mood and use that to Select ”Music” that you might like .

” vinci smart headphone ” are an all- in -one AUDIO System with Voice assistant’s.

They are’ ‘ Artificial Intelligence ‘ ‘ to learn about your listing and  ‘personal habits’ and the more you use them , the smarter they get .

The idea behind the Vinci Headphone , it appear’s, was to cram all the ! Technologies ! available into them , even that you were not really expect’s from your normal  Headphones . By using this Vincy Headphones , they listen to your { ” Voice ” , ” cancal outside noise “,” track fitness ” , “charge Wirelessly”, and they also provide ” TOUCHSCREEN “on one of the ‘EARPADS’ } .

Vincy redefines the ” Headphone category” by creating an independent voice fisrt  ”Computing device” that play’s Music locally , By using this voice commands, consumer are able to search their favorite ”Songs”without ever looking at the Device .

Vinci smart Headphone’s started a new category in “artificial intelligence” , with all-in-one encasing , Vinci can be used without a device,  empowering  on the go to listening without a Secondary device or an APP !

According to { Zhu } ,  ”  vinci’s is to the future build and Perfect the ‘ music search’ & ‘recommendation system’ through ‘NLP’ { Natutal Language Processing }, and to make a reasonable combination of Rational & Emotional factors to create the optimal AI companion in the user’s Life  “.

The Company will release its ” Vincy Smart Headphones ” Globally – followed by two new Al Products to be announced later on in ‘ 2017 ‘ .